ELAN HR30 Wi-Fi Handheld Remote Control




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ELAN HR30 Wi-Fi Handheld Remote Control

This sleek Elan HR30 Wi-Fi Handheld remote control leads with a 2.8″ touch screen mounted flush for a remarkably sophisticated feel while navigating the intuitive ELAN UI.

Surf favourite channels, monitor security system, lock and unlock doors, dim lights, adjust the temperature and more, all with a simple touch. The screen enables a swipe left or right to quickly access multiple zones.

Below it are three newly designed hard buttons, each of which can be personalized for one-button access to key systems.

The 46 hard buttons make using the HR30 as incredibly robust as it is easy and intuitive.

The HR30 features an updated 802.11 b/g.n radio and a built-in accelerometer to instantly wake the moment it’s needed.


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