How to Receive French TV in the UK Explained

For many years it has been possible to receive the Natioanal channels from France such as TF1 France M6 etc via satellite TNT and Fransat services with some simple equipment and without a subscription.
As well as the Free channels it is also possible to pay for a range of other channels such as Sports Movies and General Entertainment via the BiS, BeIN, Sports and RMC Sports packages.
More recently for those that are unable to install a Satellite dish it is now possible to receive French TV Channels via the internet using an IPTV box that can be connect directly to the TV.
TNTSat from Astra 1 @ 19º East
The TNTSat service is popular choice as it comes for the Astra 1 satellite which in most cases is quite an easy satellite to receiver with a 60cm Satellite Dish.
You will require an official TNTsat HD Satellite receiver and Viewing Card and a 60cm Dish. TNTSat viewing card are active for four years after which they will need to be renewed for another four years.
Strong TNTSat HD Satellite Receiver

TNTSat French Channels available

Fransat from Atlanticbird 3 @ 5º West
Fransat is a very similar service to TNT as is a good second choice if it is not possible to receive TNT from the Astra satellite due to being unable to receiver a signal due to an obstical such as a build or trees.
As with TNTSat Fransat requires an official Fransat HD Satellite receiver and Viewing Card and a 60cm Dish. Previously Fransat viewing cards did not need to be renewed but since 2019 they will only last four years when the same as TNTSat they will need to be replaced or renewed.
Cahors Fransat HD Satellite Receiver

Fransat Channels available

As well as the Free National French channels available it is also possible to subscribe and receive even more TV such as French Sports Movies General Entertainment Kids and News Channels.
We are often asked if we can obtain official French Canal+ Subscriptions. We can but they are very difficult to obtain and extremely expensive. An example of a full Canal+ France package cost in the range of £3000 a year so very expensive but other more sensible and cost effective options are available.
RMC Sport
RMC Sport is a package that can be added to a Fransat viewing card. Note the service is not available on the TNTSat platform.
If you already have Fransat that RMC Sports can simply be added to your existing viewing card.
RMC Sport consists of 5 seperate channels including one in 4K UHD. Here is an example of what is available *May 2019
• RMC Sport 1: N ° 1 on European football with the Premier League, La Liga NOS and from August the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.
• RMC Sport 2: N ° 1 on basketball, athletics and English rugby (AVIVA, Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, Jeep Elite, IAAF Diamond League, Gallagher Premiership Rugby)
• RMC Sport 3: N ° 1 on horse riding and extreme sports (FEI, EuroCup 7, WSL, X Games)
• RMC Sport 4: N ° 1 on boxing and all combat sports. (UFC, Top Rank, WSB)
• RMC Sport 1 UHD: 1st 100% 4K sports channel in France. Immerse yourself in your favorite sports in 4K quality, the Ultra High Definition image.
• RMC Sport NEWS : The sports information channel is part of the multi-screen offer during the Champions League and Europa League evenings

BeIN Sports France can be added to an existing Fransat viewing card or if you do not have an official Fransat receiver can be purchased as a seperate viewing card and CAM (Conditional Access Module) to work in your own satellite receiver or TV with inbuilt Satellite Tuner.
BeIN Sports consists of 3 HD Channels covering football, tennis, basketball, handball, rugby, boxing and more.
• beIN SPORTS 1HD Premium event channel
• beIN SPORTS 2HD Football channel
• beIN SPORTS 3HD Multisport channel

*NOTE These are not the same channels as BeIN Sports Arabia

BiS France
BiS France can be a stand alone package seperate from TNTSat and Fransat and is transmitted from the Hotbird Satellite at 13º East and will work with its own viewing card and CAM (Conditional Access Module) in a CI+ Compatible satellite receiver or TV with in built satellite tuner.
Or if you already have a Fransat HD receiver it can be added on to your existing viewing card.
BiS is very popular with those interested in Horse Rancing as it has the Equidia Live channel.
Channels available are:-
General interest :
AB1, RTL9, Teva
Movies :
Action, Crime District, Paramount Channel
Discovery :
Animaux, Chasse et Pêche, Toute L’Histoire, Trek, Sciences et Vie
Kids :
Game One, Mangas
Sport :
Equidia Live, Automoto, Golf Channel
Adult :
Dorcel TV, XXL
We always recommend a satellite dish as being the best option but in some cases this is just not possible so an alternative would be an IPTV box that connects to the TV via HDMI and streams the channels via the internet. We offer an IPTV box that has a good selection of French TV channels but has an annual service charge of £99.
Channels Available
France 0
France 1
France 2
France 3
France 4
France 5
France 24
Paris Premiere
Paramount Channel
TV Breizh
Serie Club
TF1 Series
TCM Cinema
NRJ 12
Voyage TV
TV5 Monde
Ocs Max
Chaine Normandil
Cherie 25
Numero 23
OCD City
M6 Music
RMC Decouvert
Game One
Chasse Peche
Info Sport
L ‘Equioe 21
TNT and FRANSAT Viewing Card Renewals and Upgrades
TNTSat and more recently Fransat sometimes upgrade the viewing cards to a higher encryption to ensure security. When this happens he are able to provide the latest viewing card.
From April 15th of 2019 Fransat customers will need to replace the PC5 version smart card with the new more secure new PC6 Fransat Viewing Card
Cards that will need to be upgraded have the serial numbers from 333 53 XX XXX to 333 58 XX XXX.
NB : New PC6 cards have to be purchased and will be valid 4 years further to first activation.
Beware: the old PC5 card will only be valid 3 weeks after 1st message displayed on TV screens.
Viewing cards will only work in an official Fransat Receiver or Fransat CAM with a CI+ Satellite Receiver