Russian TV

Russian TV

How to Watch Russian TV Channels in the UK

Russian TV Channels are available to watch in the UK via a Satellite Dish or if you are unable to install a dish then by the internet using an IPTV box such as Kartina TV.

Russian Satellite TV Channels in the UK

It is possible to receive a number of Free Russian TV Channels in the UK by using a Satellite Receiver and Dish Subscription Free.

It has to be said we a quite limited for choice when it comes to what’s available and some channels are a little easier to receive than others.

The easiest Free Satellite TV Channels from Russia are from the Astra 1 and Hotbird Satellites. These can be received in most of the UK by using an 80cm Satellite Dish and a MonoBlock LNB that is capable of looking a the two satellites at the same time. You will also require a HD Satellite Receiver such as a Technisat HD box.

Here is a list of Russian Satellite TV Channels Available from Hotbird and Astra 1

  • 8 Kanal International
  • Perviy kanal Europa
  • Pobeda International
  • Rossiya 24
  • RT Arabic
  • RT Documentary
  • RT Español
  • RT France
  • RT France
  • RT News
  • RTR Planeta
Russian TV Channels via The Internet

If you are unable to install a Satellite Dish for Russian TV then the best option is an IPTV Box that will stream TV from Russia straight to your TV via the internet.

This is a small set top box that connects to your TV via a HDMI cable and then WiFi connects to you Router to Stream TV channels from Russia in HD quality.

Kartina TV is the most well known IPTV provider for Russian TV channels via the Internet and the most widely used by Russians living in the UK.

Kartina Russian TV

Although Kartina TV is a subscription based service it offers over 250 of the most popular channels available in HD quality as well as it’s own archive of catch up TV so you never have to miss a program or set up any other devices to record a channel for later viewing.

We are an Official UK Kartina TV Reseller and are more than happy to help you set up Kartina at home with a new set top box or upgrade your annual subscription if you already have a compatible android IPTV box or TV.

Do not be fooled by other IPTV providers that do not offer any service. Kartina TV are very well established and provide TV specifically for a Russian audience.