What is Freesat?

Freesat is a Subscription Free Service for UK National TV Channels such as BBC ITV Channel 4 etc and is available via a satellite dish and Freesat compatible set top box or TV with built a in Satellite Tuner. Launched in 2008 Freesat now boasts over 200 Free Channels and remains a very popular service for those that are unable to receive a Freeview Terrestrial Signal or live outside of the UK in Europe.

How Do I Receive Freesat Channels?

Freesat is available via Satellite though out the UK and much or Europe. In the UK most people use a standard Sky Satellite dish pointing at the same satellite as Sky although in the North or England Scotland and Ireland it is preferable to use a larger 60cm dish or Sky Zone 2 dish and LNB.

Freesat Vs Freeview

What Channels are Available on Freesat?

What Size Satelite Dish do I Need for Freesat?

Can I Record Pause and Rewind Freesat Channels?

Can I Receive Freesat Channels in Europe?