What is Freesat?

Freesat is a Subscription Free Service for UK National TV Channels such as BBC ITV Channel 4 etc and is available via a satellite dish and Freesat compatible set top box or TV with built a in Satellite Tuner. Launched in 2008 Freesat now boasts over 200 Free Channels and remains a very popular service for those that are unable to receive a Freeview Terrestrial Signal or live outside of the UK in Europe. Humax

How Do I Receive Freesat Channels?

Freesat is available via Satellite though out the UK and much of Europe. In the UK most people use a standard Sky Satellite dish pointing at the same satellite as Sky although in the North or England Scotland and Ireland it is preferable to use a larger 60cm dish or Sky Zone 2 dish and LNB.

Freesat Vs Freeview

What Channels are Available on Freesat?

Over 170 Free UK Channels are available on the Freesat platform including more than 20 in HD (High Definition)

What’s more with the latest generation of receivers you have access to hundreds of channels via premium and free streaming apps from ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, My5 and UKTV Play, Netflix, YouTube & YouTube Kids, and many more.

What Size Satellite Dish do I Need for Freesat?

In most of the UK a standard Sky Zone 1 Satellite Dish is suitable for Freesat reception however in the North of England a Scotland it is better to use the larger Zone 2 style Sky Dish.

In coastal areas where salt is in the air standard Sky Dishes are prone to corrosion and rust. This can be unsightly and lead to dishes being placed every few years.

Many customers chose to install a Fibreglass Satellite Dish such as the Triax DAP60 range. Although more expensive initially the Triax Range of Fibreglass Dishes are built to a far higher standard and last a lot longer against the elements.

Can I Record Pause and Rewind Freesat Channels?

Yes with the correct Freesat Satellite Receiver and Dish setup it is possible to Record Pause and Rewind Live TV.

In the same way as the older Humax Freesat PVR Receivers the new generation of 4K UHD boxes can record even more channels at the same time if the correct LNB on the dish is installed.

What Freesat Satellite Receivers are Available?

Humax used to be the most well known and popular manufacturer of Freesat Receivers but they have since stopped producing suitable equipment. 4k Freesat PVR Recorder

How to Watch Freesat UK TV Channels in Europe?

Although the signal from the satellite for Freesat is concentrated on the UK the Satellite Beam does spread into Europe and many British Ex-Pats living in Europe are able to watch and enjoy Freesat TV Channels from the UK.

If you wish to watch Freesat in Europe it is essential you install a dish large enough to receive a signal from the Astra 2E and Astra 2F Satellite Beam

We have distributors in Mainland Europe that are able to Ship Freesat UHD 4K Satellite Receivers to France Spain Germany and the rest of Europe. We also have suppliers of quality Satellite Dishes up to 1.8 Metres in Europe that are available to ship directly to your door.

This saves you expensive courier fees from the UK and Import TAX and Duties.

Freesat Satellite Dish Installation Service