GEOSYNC Hybrid LNB 6 Output Sky/Freesat


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GEOSYNC Hybrid LNB 6 Output Sky/Freesat

The Geosync GH6LB is a Hybrid LNB which means that it combines two different systems for delivering the signal from the satellite to different types of receivers.

The front two outputs are Wideband specifically set-up to be compatible with Freesat 4K or Sky-Q, the four outputs at the back can feed signals from the same satellite to standard or Sky HD and Freesat HD receivers or PVR’s.

If using on a 60cm 80cm or 100cm dish we prefer to use the Geosync LNB as it has a longer Feedhorn Neck and is less likely to foul on the existing LNB collar of a non standard Sky Dish

In the picture below is the Labgear Visiblewave Hybrid LNB on top which has a shorter neck than the Geosync pictured below.

Geosync Hybrid LNB

Main features:

  • Geosync Hybrid allows you to run Sky-Q or Freesat 4K at the same time as up to 4 legacy receivers from the same dish
  • Uses 10.41GHz Local Oscillator on Wideband for UK receivers


FREESAT Smart 4K Ultra HD PVR 1TB Receiver

Geosync Hybrid LNB Manual


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