TNTSat France

TNTSat is possibly the most popular way to view French TV via Satellite. As with Fransat you will require a Satellite Dish and compatible TNTSat Satellite Receiver and Viewing Card.

As with Fransat over 30 French National channels are available including TF1 France2 France3 M6 etc.

The main difference is TNTSat transmits from the Astra 1 Satellite positioned at 19.2º East. This is quite close to our UK Sky and Freesat service and although a slightly larger 60cm dish for the South or 80cm Dish for the North is required the direction the dish has to point is quite similar. This should give you an idea by looking at neighbours Sky dishes if they have them what direction a TNTSat dish would need to be positioned.

Just like Fransat a viewing card is required with TNTSat and comes with the receiver and lasts for a period of 4 years. Once the card has expired a new card will need to be purchased for around £79 to allow viewing for another 4 years.

Unlike Fransat a separate CI CAM and Card option is not available so you are unable to use a TV with a built in satellite tuner or third party receiver. It has to be an official TNTSat box.

One big advantage with TNT is that as well as receiving all of the French channels it is also possible to receive all of the main German Channels and an assortment of other European and Middle Eastern channels as well. All Free to Air.