Sanus Mounts

Sanus Mounts

Sanus TV Mounts

Sanus was founded in 1986 as Sanus Systems and was soon making a name for producing high quality speaker stands for a very demanding AV market. In 2002 Sanus Systems produced the first universal wall mount for plasma and flat panel TVs launching the start of high quality and well manufactured mounting and display solutions for various AV technologies.

The SANUS brand is one of the largest, best-known consumer electronics brands in the world. SANUS’ award-winning portfolio of TV wall mounts, AV furniture, racks, speaker stands and accessories can be found in thousands of retail locations on nearly every continent.

SANUS products are sold in thousands of retail locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia.

Here at the SATSHOP we have experience in both installing TV mounts and helping you choose the correct TV mount that works for you.

It’s important to understand where you wish to install and mount you TV to gain the very best viewing experience. For more advice you are welcome to contact us with your brand and size of TV and your installation requirements and we can help you make the correct choice.

How to Wall Mount a TV for Best Viewing Experience

Get the most out of your flat-panel TV by mounting it on the wall for optimal performance. SANUS wall mounts can extend, tilt and swivel, making it easy to find the best viewing angle and reduce glare from lights or windows.

If you wish to install the TV yourself Sanus has provide some very helpful How To Video guides below.

How to Install a Flat Wall Mount TV Bracket

How to Install a Tilting Tall Mount TV Bracket

How to Install an Articulated Wall Mount TV Bracket