Professional Towers

Professional Towers

Televes Professional Towers

TELEVES towers and tower accessories are made of zinced steel and bi-chrome coating and they are supplied in two types of finishing (RPR or polyester painting). They can be installed at heights from 1 to 50,5 m. Depending on the model, they implement turned or plugged raccors (SE finishing) for its union.

Fixing the lower section to the base in the proper vertical position, and then mounting the consecutive intermediate sections, which will be fixed with the corresponding guy-wire; the assembly is carried out by climbing the already placed sections and raising subsequently the section to be placed, using for it the adequate elevating tools. The climbing has to be made with the appropriate safety conditions (safety-belt, anchoring, etc.); there won’t be more than two sections without shoring up.

In case of coinciding two sections without guy-wire, auxiliary guy-wire will be used for the bracing of the sections during the set-up. The tower will be balanced adjusting the tension of the guy-wire and the using of proper balance-appliances.

First assembling the tower over the ground and raising it, once mounted, by means of a crane. This system can be used only with towers of heights lower than 18 meters in the model 180 and heights lower than 26 meters in the model 360.

If the installation of the tower is made on the roof, flat roof or other place of a building, the installer will take the necessary measures according to the indications of the architect responsible of the building, in order to know the mechanical resistance of these zones.


Trestle-tower installations should only be calculated and constructed by specialised professionals as these fall under their responsibility; the mounting instructions provided in this technical sheet are intended for information only, and the data given does not, in any way, affect the responsibility of the manufacturer who only guarantees his own products, provided that they are used under normal conditions.

It will be necessary to conduct a project to install the tower for each specific site, which should take into account both the individual stresses and the recalculation of foundations in accordance with the relevant geotechnical study.

The towers will be assembled by competent personnel and skilled in climbing, using all means of protection required to safeguard the security in vertical works. Remember that international legislation requires for any structure higher than 3m a climber safety device. The use of Televes tower sections with non-Televes products may cause tower failure and even personal injury. Televes and Satshop are not responsible of the misused of these products.