Ukraine Satellite TV

Ukraine Satellite TV

How to Receive Ukraine Satellite TV Channels in the UK

Satellite TV channels from the Ukraine are available to view in the UK via serval satellites. As well as a good selection of Free to Air channels that do not require any subscriptions the Viasat Subscription package is also available.

We will look at the Free Ukraine Satellite Channels 1st.

About 30 free channels are available from the Astra 4A satellite.

Free To Air Ukranian Satellite TV Channels :-

Below is a list of the free to air channels you will be able to receive from the Astra 4A Satellite at 4.8º E

1+1 International – 4 Kanal – 5 Kanal – Apostrof TV – Avers – Dom – Donbass – Donbass Online – Espreso TV – Glas – ICTV – Inter + – Karavan TV – Kyïv TV – Nash Natali – Novyy Khristianskiy – Obozrevatel TV – Pryamyy – Rada – Rozpakuy TV – Sonce – Svarozhichi – Telekanal Nadiya – Tsentralnyy – TV5 – UA: Kultura – Ukr Live Ukraïna 24 – Unian TV – Vintage TV – Zoryanyy

What Size Satellite Dish do I Need for Ukrainian TV?

Astra 4A is quite an easy satellite to receive in the UK and we generally recommend an 80cm Satellite Dish.

Below is a map of the Astra 4A Footprint showing the strength of the satellite signal covering the UK. We can see that the .dB signal is quite consistent and strong.

satellite dish size for ukraine tv in the uk
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