Sky Dishes

Sky Dishes

We can supply the latest official Sky approved range of Satellite Dishes.

Customers that live in coastal areas may decide to use Fibreglass dishes such as the Traix DAP Range. These not only provide better signal gain but are less subject to corrosion.

If you live in Scotland you will require at least a 60cm dish. Again Fibreglass dishes are very popular in the North of Scotland and on the Islands.

Sky Dishes in Europe

For customers live in Europe and dish sizes vary depending on location. The signal or Footprint greatly decreases the further outside of the UK you live. This is especially the case for Freesat channels such as BBC and ITV.

Dish sizes range from 60cm for the North of France. We recommend 1.2 Metre dishes for the South of France.  If you live in Spain you may require a 1.5 or 1.8 Metre dish because of weaker signals.

We have suppliers in Europe that can send to you direct. This saves you shipping costs and prevents damage in transit.

If you are in doubt what size dish you need we are very happy to advise you.

Discrete Sky Dishes

Satellite Dishes are Ugly especially if you have to install a dish on the front of your property.

The Sqish is a clever flat panel square satellite dish. It can be spay painted to colour match the wall it’s being mounted on. This helps it blend in and be less of an eyesore.

The Sqish has been featured on TV’s Grand Designs as well as in the Telegraph Newspaper with excellent reviews.