Sky Zone 1 Dish and Wideband LNB Pack


Sky Zone 1 Dish and Wideband LNB Pack

A Sky Zone 1 Satellite Dish with a Twin Output Wideband LNB Suitable for SkyQ or Freesat 4K UHD Receivers.

Sky Zone 1 Satellite Dish Details

The latest 43cm dish used by Sky Engineers for Sky HD and Sky Q installations.

We recommend this dish is used for stronger signal areas because of its smaller size. If you live in weaker areas such as Scotland then you will need the larger Zone 2 dish.

The dish comes with all the bolts and fixings required for wall mounting. If you require the dish to be pole mounted then the additional pole mounting kit would be required.

Main Features

  • Sky approved MK4 elliptical satellite dish
  • Perforated reflector
  • Tilt/skew adjustment
  • Supplied with wall mount bracket
  • Polyester powder coated reflector and bracketry
  • Sky Zone 1 Satellite Dish
Twin Output Wideband LNB Details

Twin Output Wideband LNB compatible with Sky Q and Freesat 4K UHD Satellite Receivers

This Wideband LNB has been specifically designed for use in the UK with a 10.41GHz Local Oscillator to make it compatible with Sky-Q Satellite Receivers and the Freesat 4K Satellite Receivers.

Wideband LNBs have two outlets, one carrying all of the horizontally polarized signals and the other the vertical.

Both outputs need to be connected to the receiver.
Each LNB is fitted with a bracket to fit onto the popular elliptical dishes used in the UK.


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