Sky LNBs

Sky LNBs

Sky LNBs

We supply a wide range of Sky and SkyQ compatible LNBs.

It is important you chose the correct LNB for your Dish and Box because not all LNBs are the same.

We are here to help you make the right choice.

What LNB Do I Need for Sky Q?

SkyQ requires a Wideband LNB which is different to the old Universal LNB used for Sky+ HD and Freesat.

For most cases a Twin Output Wideband LNB is quite suitable for a Sky Q Receiver. Despite only having two outputs the Wideband LNB will give you full recording features that Sky Q offers. If you have extra SkyQ Mini boxes then these do not connect to the satellite dish at all but coneect to the main box via it’s own wireless Mesh Network.

Can I Run SkyQ and Freesat HD From the Same Dish?

Yes it is possible to have SkyQ and standard Freesat HD on the same satellite dish.

Many households may have Sky Q in the main living room and other Freesat HD satellite receivers or TVs with freesat built in for other rooms in the house.

For this style of installation you will require a Sky Hybrid LNB. The Hybrid had six outputs, two are wideband for SkyQ and the other four are standard universal outputs so you can connect up to four Freesat TVs or a mix of Freesat Boxes and TVs at the same time.

If you need for outputs than the Sky Hybrid offers then you will need to add a Multiswitch.

What LNB Do I Need for Sky HD?

We can still supply Universal LNBs for Sky HD. These come in Single Twin and Quad varieties.

Will The LNB Fit My Dish?

In most cases yes. Sky LNBs all come with the same collar that attaches to all modern Sky Satellite Dishes including Zone 1 and Zone 2 Dishes.

The only exception to this is if you have a very old Sky Dish where the collar slots into the boom arm opposed to clipping over the top.

It is also worth mentioning that the new generation of Sky LNBs have a 40mm Neck so will also fit 60cm and 80cm Dishes by simply removing the Collar on the LNB