Freesat Installation Service Tunbridge Wells

Freesat Installation Service Tunbridge Wells

We have a long history of installing Satellite Dishes in Tunbridge Wells. You may already know me, my name is Andy and I worked for The Satellite Shop in Southborough Tunbridge Wells for over 26 Years so know a little about Satellite TV.

Although I now live in Wales our old Satellite Shop Engineer Martyn is still local and has his own installation company called Carson Digital Services.

Martyn has a huge knowledge of Satellite Dish Installations including Freesat Sky and European Satellite TV. He prides himself on delivering the best quality installation service available and is happy to discuss all of your requirements and concerns before starting any work.

We know that it is important Satellite Dish installations are discrete and cabling is installed to the highest standard.

Nobody likes an unsightly Satellite Dish or Shoddy Cable Run.

Many installations require Martyns expertise where modern HDMI distribution matrixes are in place or SkyQ equipment is also required. We have a solution what ever your requirements are.

We can supply the latest Freesat 4K UHD Receivers as well as Satellite Dishes and Specialised Equipment.

For more information and to have a chat with Martyn or Book in a Free Survey give us a Call on 0333 006 4588 or email


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