Does Kabelio Offer UK Satellite TV Channels in Europe?

The short answer is Yes, Kabelio although a Swiss package does include some UK Satellite TV Channels including BBC1 BBC2 ITV1 Channel 4 Channel 5 and a few more as well.

Kabelio UK Satellite TV in Europe BBC ITV in Spain Portugal France

Since the UK Satellite TV Channels have stopped working on the SATBACK System a lot of customers have been left without TV in Europe and in particular weak signal areas such as Spain and Portugal where it is not possible to receive Freesat without a large satellite dish or in some cases not at all.

The good news is the Kabelio package has a strong signal over Europe including Spain and Portugal but also other parts of Europe where Freesat is unavailable.

Will I Need To Change or Update My Existing Equipment?

The not so good news is that if you already have a satellite dish for SATBACK then your dish will be pointing at the Intelsat 907 Satellite which is located at 27.5° West.

Kabelio transmits from the Hotbird Satellite which is located at 13° East so it’s important that you check that you will have line of sight for Hotbird and that no trees or buildings are in the way.

Your existing Satellite Dish should work fine so will not need updating or increasing in size but you may require a new satellite receiver that’s CI+ Compatible.

This is because Kabelio works on a newer encryption and a lot of the old Icecrypt and Technomate receivers are not compatible, so we would need to know what equipment you already have to advise you first.

Should you require a new HD Satellite Receiver then we recommend the Technisat S6 HD Receiver, it’s simple to use reliable and if you add an external USB hard drive you can even record channels as well.


The other bad news is Kabelio is also a subscription based service which means you’ll now need to pay to view you favourite UK TV channels in Europe 🙁

We can provide an Official Kabelio CAM that slots either into your existing Satellite Receiver if compatible or the new Technisat S6.

The Kabelio CAM does not require a viewing card and comes with 3 months service included. After the 3 Months has expired you’ll need to add a new 1 year subscription that’s remotely added to the CAM.

Kabelio Swiss TV Package from Switzerland – 3 Month

Will the Kabelio CAM Work in my TV?

If you have a modern TV that has a built in Satellite Tuner then it may be possible to use the CAM directly in your TV without the need to have a separate Satellite Receiver. The important thing is the TV must be CI+ Compatible and some older TV’s are not.

We suggest emailing us with the make and model of your TV and we can check for you.

Do We Ship Direct to Europe?

Yes we can ship direct to Europe for you, what we ask is that you contact us first so we can check your existing equipment is compatible and your address so we can quote for the shipping. As we are shipping to Europe we will remove the VAT for you but of course you are liable to pay Taxes your end.

Kabelio UK Satellite TV Channels available in Europe

Kabelio UK TV Channel List :-
  • BBC1
  • BBC2
  • BBC3
  • BBC4
  • ITV 1
  • ITV 2
  • ITV 4
  • Channel 4
  • Film 4
  • Channel 5
  • BBC World News
Can I View Other European Channels with Kabelio?

Yes you can, the Hotbird Satellite offers many Free TV Channels from all over Europe and the Middle East.

As well as the UK Channels on Kabelio you will also receive channels from Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy so there’s lots of choice.