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Is Your Freesat Box Slow Changing Channels?

It was reported to me today 30/03/21 that a customers Freesat 4K PVR box was very slow and sluggish both changing channels and scrolling through the EPG (Electronic Program guide)

I emailed customer Freesat customer support and technical service and they very promptly emailed back confirming they they are aware of the issue and that a new software update should be available today (31/03/21)

Freesat software updates are automatically downloaded via satellite so you should not need to do anything but it is also advised to reboot your Freesat box by pressing and holding the power button on top of the box for 5 seconds whilst powering it back on.

Thank you to Freesat for such a prompt and kind reply to my initial query.. Very good service.. 🙂

If you need to read the manual for the Freesat 4K PVT you can download or view a pdf version HERE!


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