French TF1 Satellite TV Channels Change Frequency

Have you lost French Channels TF1 France2 France3 TV4 M6 French channels on the Hotbird Satellite?

Over the weekend thousands of viewers found that popular French Channels had stopped working on the Hotbird Satellite. In the UK this will apply to viewers of French TV using a BIS TV Viewing Card.

Satellite Tuners will need to b re-tuned to a new Frequency which is :-

TP Frequency : 12437

Polarity :  H

Symbol Rate : 27500

FEC : 3/4

This should allow you to continue to view the National French Channels.Many customer use BIS viewing Cards to view the Horse Channel Equidia Live. This channel has not been affected by the change.

Date 06/09/2021

BiS TV Panorama French Viewing card


Equidia Live Card Renewal