SATBACK UK Channels Stop Working in Europe

Thousands of EX-Pats in Europe lost all of the UK Satellite TV Channels including BBC ITV and Channel4 last Friday when SATBACK Changed Satellites.

SATBACK or sometimes known as BBC-SATBACK is a Satellite back up service for the UK Freeview Channels and was previously transmitted on the Intelsat 907 Satellite at 27.5º West.

Although encrypted it was a popular choice for Ex-Pats living in Europe especially Spain and Portugal where large dishes are required to receive Freesat from 28º East.

SATBACK was an encrypted service and not intended to be used by the public but for many years the encryption had been hacked meaning satellite receivers such as Icecrypt and Technomate were able to view the channels using a BISS key. As the signal was encrypted the signal or footprint was much larger than that of Freesat meaning it covered much more of Europe.

SATBACK has now moved satellites and the footprint has been narrowed to only cover the UK meaning it is no longer option to receive UK TV Channels in Europe. Meaning Thousands of Brits have lost all their UK TV.

At the moment we are looking at alternatives, for many it may mean a larger dish but it is possible to receive BBC and ITV channels from Hotbird Satellite with the Swiss Kabelio package.

The signal is very strong in Europe from Hotbird and would require users to re-align their dishes but the downside is that Kabelio is a subscription based provider so there is an annual cost.

Kabelio Swiss TV Package from Switzerland – 3 Month

Satellite receivers may also need to be updated as well to be capable to accept the Kabelio CAM as well.

For More Info on Kabelio and the UK Channels Available in Europe Click the Picture Below

Does Kabelio Offer UK Satellite TV Channels in Europe?

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