GLOBAL Power Inserter for dCSS LNB


Allows Sky Q™ to use dSCR on 1 cable
(For use with dCSS LNB: D000362)

Global Invacom Satellite TV Fibre

GLOBAL Power Inserter for dCSS LNB

The D000429 power supply unit is designed to power the dCSS LNB (D000362), in case the STB can not provide enough DC power.

The power supply will overrule the DC coming from the STB and supply the dCSS LNB with a constant 18V. Max supply current is 500mA. DiSEqC commands will be copied from STB to dCSS LNB and back (in case of DiSEqC 2.0).

The D000429 is compatible with STBs supporting the EN50494 and EN50607 standards

The D000429 is not compatible with Legacy STBs and STBs that keep the DC level on the coax at 18V, even if they don’t send DiSEqC commands. This is the case with Sky UK STBs.



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