INVERTO 80cm Solid Steel Dish NO LOGO


Pole Mount Light Grey (Boxed)

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INVERTO 80cm Solid Steel Dish NO LOGO

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Ku off-set dish antenna with Easy-fix arm.

Inverto dishes are manufactured to an advanced, high precision technology and continue to uphold a market leading tradition of unparalleled durability, quality and performance that has come to be associated with the INVERTO brand.

Inverto dishes undergo an extremely thorough anti-corrosive process and polyester coating to prevent long-term corrosion. They are manufactured with advanced high precision tools to ensure durability and optimal reception-performance (SDTV and HDTV/DVB-S2).

Triax LNB holders/Flexi Block/Multiblock can be used with this dish.

Main features:
– Simple and quick to install
– Lasting quality – durable parts and solid construction
– High quality uniform surface with anti corrosion coating
– Perfect reception quality with high gain across the band

Technical Specifications:

Type: Offset
Offset Angle: 26 °
Reception Frequency: 10.70 – 12.75 Ghz
Antenna Gain (Ku-Band): 37dBi – 38dBi
Material: Zinc Phosphate Steel Polyester Powder Coating
Finish Coat: Polyester Powder Coating
Color: Light grey (RAL-7035)
Small Axis Diameter: 70 cm
Long Axis Diameter: 78 cm
LNB Holder diameter: 40ø mm
F/D: 0.6
LNB Arm: Aluminum
Operational Temp.: -40° + 60°
Operation Wind: 90 km/H
Survival Wind: 150 km/H

Material: Galvanized Steel
Finish Coat (Optional): Polyester Powder Coating
Azimuth Alignment: 0° – 360°
Elevation Alignment: 0° – 90°


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