MaxxOne BrightNight 5mp Dome Camera WHITE


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MaxxOne BrightNight 5mp Dome Camera WHITE

Excellent Value MaxxOne BrightNight 5MP Dome CCTV Camera features the brilliant new BrightNight that lights up your garden or driveway with ease.

By lighting up dark areas up to a distance of 25m, it makes it practically impossible for intruders to approach the building without being noticed.

Two LED lights sit underneath the sensors that remain on from dusk to dawn and in doing so, provides the necessary light to boost clarity and picture quality.

This provides an extra layer of security and protection by being able to capture perfectly clear images in the darkness of night.

So as well as capturing totally sharp images, the MaxxOne BrightNight camera will only activate its Brightnight feature when needed, making it efficient and effective.

With the usual IP67 weatherproof rating in it’s rugged housing, the MaxxOne BrightNight camera easily withstands the harsh British climate.



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