MaxxOne Elite 4 channel NVR 1TB HDD


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MaxxOne Elite 4 channel NVR 1TB HDD

Excellent Value CCTV 4 Channel NVT Recorder with 1TB Hard Drive. Up to 8MP resolution recording, Supports PoE – Power over Ethernet.
How to install your Elite MaxxOne NVR CCTV Recorder
Step By Step Guide
1. The first time you switch on your recorder, you will see the on-screen wizard. This is the same for both Elite NVRs and DVRs.
2. Tick the Start Wizard prompt on-screen and then click Next.
3. The default password is 123456, we highly recommend that you update your password by ticking the change password box and typing in a memorable password. Once done, click next.
4. Step three, Update the date and time to your local time and then click next.
5. Step Four, Check that DHCP is ticked, if not, tick it. This allows your recorder access to the internet so you can use the mobile app which we will cover in another video.
6. Check that the Schedule is ticked, if not, tick it. This allows your NVR to record in different ways, for example continuously or if motion is detected by your cameras. Once complete click OK.



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