SANUS 36U Assembled Rack (Black)


c/w x8 Shelves x6 Blank Panels x3 Tie Bars



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sanus av equipment

The Sanus CFR2136 36U AV Rack is a complete solution to housing your AV gear weighing up to 800 lb (363.64 kg). This rack comes pre-assembled with vented shelves and blanking panels to simplify installation. Venting on the shelves allow for air circulation to keep your gear at an ideal temperature. Moreover, the shelves have back stops to ensure that your equipment stays put during operation.

Side and back quick-release panels are included for easy wiring and maintenance access. A reversible, lockable tempered-glass door provides flexibility and security while also maintaining visibility of your gear. Additional security is provided by a lockable steel back panel. Multiple 3U removable panels with the added ability to be gangable add to the versatility of this AV rack.

Swivel casters and adjustable feet allow for mobility and stable positioning of the unit.
Made from heavy-gauge welded steel, the construction is strong and sturdy Adjustable shelves, rails, and two removable 3U opening panels allow for customization Easy access to AV gear and wires through quick release removable back and side panels Lockable tempered glass front door can be placed on left or right of rack as per your requirement Vented shelves on the top and bottom of the rack to keep gear cool through convection cooling Each individual rack component is embossed with the SANUS logo

What is supplied?

SanusCFR2136 36U AV Rack
4 x Casters
4 x Adjustable Feet
2 x 1U Shelf
2 x 2U Shelf
3 x 3U Shelf
2 x 1U Blanking Panel
2 x 2U Blanking Panel
2 x 3U Blanking Panel
3 x Tie Bar
5-Year Warranty


Product Dimensions (W x H x D)
With casters: 23.62 x 70.50 x 23.62″ (59.99 x 179.07 x 59.99 cm)
Without casters: 23.62 x 67.70 x 23.62″ (59.99 x 171.96 x 59.99 cm)

Shelf Dimensions
1U Shelf (W x H x D): 19.00 x 1.75 x 18.20″ (48.26 x 4.45 x 46.23 cm)
2U Shelf (W x H x D): 19.00 x 3.50 x 18.20″ (48.26 x 8.89 x 46.23 cm)
3U Shelf (W x H x D): 19.00 x 5.25 x 17.90″ (48.26 x 13.34 x 45.47 cm)

Weight Capacity
Overall product weight capacity: 800.00 lb (363.64 kg)
1U Shelf Weight Capacity: 30.00 lb (13.64 kg)
2U Shelf Weight Capacity: 50.00 lb (22.73 kg)
3U Shelf Weight Capacity: 80.00 lb (36.36 kg)

Product Weight 177.70 lb (80.77 kg)


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