Starlink Roof Mount Ground Mount


Starlink Roof / Ground Mount

EDUP HOME Starlink Roof Ground Mount. Vertical Starlink Mounting Kit for Starlink Internet Dishes.

Versatile Mounting Solution. Effortlessly install the Vertical Starlink Dish Roof Mount with the Starlink Roof / Ground mount pole Adapter, compatible with Starlink Internet Kit Satellite V2 & High Performance.

  • Stable Installation: The Starlink Dish Roof / Ground mount features a precise adapter made of high-quality metal, ensuring a stable and secure installation. It can withstand greater weight, providing stability for your Starlink equipment.
  • Safety in Design: With a robust base and strong load-bearing capacity, the mount offers a safe installation, even in high winds. Your Starlink Dish setup remains secure and reliable.
  • Sleek Aesthetic: Starlink long wall mount’s pure gray high-quality metal material and simple design provide an aesthetically pleasing, high-end look that enhances the visual appeal of your installation.
  • 2nd Generation Starlink Dish Compatible
  • Tailored for the 2nd Generation Starlink Dishes, our mount ensures compatibility and high performance.
  • Starlink equipment not included



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