Starlink V2 Pole Mount Adapter

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Starlink V2 Pole Mount Adapter

The Starlink V2 Professional Pole Mount Adapter is UK Designed specifically for the V2 Starlink Broadband Dish.

This is a high quality aluminium. We have seen some horrible solutions to mount a Starlink Dish on a pole using Shelly Clamps and Mast couplers. These are not only very unsightly but also liable to fail and cause damage to an expensive piece of kit.

Starlink Dish Pole Mount

Starlink Broadband Dish Pole adapter. Made in the UK from aluminium.

Designed to fit in the top of a 1.5inch steel mast pole. The section that fits in the pole is 35mm and has a Grove to accommodate seam welded tubes without having to force it in.

The bolt is M5 screws direct in to the body to secure the adapter to the pole.

The Starlink Dish assembly Clips directly in to the adapter via its built factory clip. The plug of the Starlink needs holding in place as it is very easy for this to fall out, our mount holds the plug in tight so that this cannot come loose unlike using a pole coupler which others sell as mounts.

This is for the pole mount and M5 bolt only (as per first photo), it does not include the satellite, pole or pole bracket




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