TELEVES Fibre IRS OTX1310 *KIT* (1310nm)


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TELEVES Fibre IRS OTX1310 *KIT* (1310nm)

(OTX + Wideband LNB) TERR CH21-48 (237412)

Kit consisting of LNB Wideband that captures the entire frequency spectrum of a satellite and transmits it through two outputs (V-H) in a frequency range between 290 and 2340MHz.

The optical transmitter receives the signal from the LNB in its two satellite inputs, in addition to including a third input for terrestrial signal (88-694MHz) mixing.

The resulting signal is provided by its optical output in the 1310nm window, with 8dBm optical power.

TELEVES Fibre IRS OTX1310 *KIT* (1310nm)



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