Vision V23-1201 Masthead Power Supply 12V, 100mA


Vision V23-1201 Masthead Power Supply 12V, 100mA

Vision 12v DC 100mA fully protected power supply fitted with a UK 13 amp mains plug. Featuring a host of electronic protection features including over temperature, short circuit and over current protection. Very cool running, highly efficient design does not require vent holes to keep cool. This eliminated the possibility of foreign items blocking the vents or entering the product.

LED status indicator shows if product has entered protect mode or is running normally. Utilising a fully screened low loss input/output assembly this unique product is suitable for any make of 12v masthead amplifier that consumes under 100mA, but is best suited the Vision and Optima range of mastheads.

Ideal Masthead PSU power supply for Vision Gold range of amplifiers and other standard 12V masthead amplifiers.

  • Full short-circuit and overload protection with red/green LED indicator for overload and safe operation
  • Internal temperature sensing for improved safety
  • Fully screened RF loop-through with F-connectors for lower insertion loss
  • Fully screened variable attenuator on V23-1201 for convenient and easier set-up
  • 600mm mains lead with UK mains plug and 3A fuse fitted
  • Visible fixing lugs and screw holes for easy fixing

Vision 12v 100mA V23 1201 Masthead PSU


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