WHYTE 5 Series Lite 16 Way Multiswitch 5×16


WHYTE 5 Series Lite 16 Way Multiswitch 5×16

The Whyte Series 5 Lite Standalone Multiswitch range is designed for domestic installations as well as for small apartment blocks. The range is compatible with both Quad and Quattro LNB’s.
• Quad and Quattro LNB compatible
• Hi quality Standalone Multiswitch with 2 years warranty
• Industry leading performance at a competitive price
• Includes separate Power Supply Unit with F-Type DC Lead
• 0dB SAT& TERR Insertion Loss
• Switchable12V supply to power Mast Head Amplifier
• Colour coded inputs
• LED power indicator
• Inbuilt Hi-Rejection LTE filter
• Adequate clearance to route cables under the Multiswitch
• TERR 12V DC Supply (switchable) 100mA
• LNB Power Max 500mA
• Switching Commands 13V-18V 13V22K-18V22K
• Current Consumption (DC In) 130mA Max
• Dimensions (mm) 151x215x43
• Satellite 950-2150MHz
• Terrestrial 47-790MHz47-790MHz
• Satellite 0±3dB
• Terrestrial 0±3dB


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