Italian TV Tivusat Blue Viewing Cards Due to be Switched Off.

Television, as well as all sectors with a high technological component, have been undergoing an important moment of renewal for some years, screens are becoming increasingly large and performing, contents are improving in audio and video quality.

In line with the technological evolution of the sector, an important transition towards High Definition (HD) of the major television broadcasters on the Italian Satellite TV free satellite platform has also begun for years on Tivùsat; this passage has led the HD channels on Tivùsat to exceed 60 already in 2021 and soon another 10 will be added, while the standard definition (SD) channels are gradually disappearing.

During the years 2022-23, to complete the updating of the transmission system of the broadcasters present on Tivùsat that offer their channels in HD, mainly in DVB-S2 technology, and in order to strengthen the security of the entire tivùsat platform, we will progressively switch off the blue Tivùsat SD smartcards, with the Tivùsat logo and distributed, in past years, combined with a Tivùsat certified SD decoder (from now on SD decoder ).

The shutdown will take place gradually, starting from 6 July 2022 (for those distributed in 2009) and ending by 2023.

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Where Can I Get a New HD TivuSat Viewing Card?

We can provide a New Pre-Activated Italian TivuSat HD Viewing Card. See The Box Below.

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