Basic Satellite Finder Meter


Basic Satellite Finder Meter

The Original Satellite Finder Meter may be basic but it still works and is ideal for aligning Satellite Dishes for Freesat HD Sky HD on Astra 2 as well as all other Satellites including Astra1 Hotbird Etc.

I actually still have one in my tool box that’s nearly 30 years old and still comes in handy.

Function: A satellite finder meter is a specialized device designed to help you position your satellite dish to receive the strongest signal for best television reception. Use this when looking for sky or freesat signals from the Astra 28.2 Satellite as well as other Satellite such as Astra1 and Hotbird. 

Needle Display: This useful SSL Satellite finder meter has a pointer LCD display. Easy to read signal strength according to the dish position. Ideal for satellite installations or to re-point your satellite dish to the correct position.

Illuminated Display: Satellite signal finder has illuminated display for night time or low light Situations. Sat finder buzzer helps you fine tune for better quality signals.

Catch Weak signals: The Digital Satellite Meter is very sensitive and can also detect weak signals. It is therefore possible to find the ideal permanent orientation for your Dish without problems.

Easy Working: SSL Meter is easy to use, all you need to do is connect the cable from the satellite receiver to the “Receiver” port on the digital Sat finder. Add the small supplied coax cable to other end and screw to the satellite dish Lnb and adjust according to which signal you are looking for. Instruction include in box.


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