DIGINOVA BOSS-TECH Caravan Marine TV Aerial

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The DIGINOVA aerial is classified as a high gain TV aerial for Caravan and Marine use.

The high performance is generated via a UHF Yagi type aerial with 10 elements and a BIII and FM aerial consisting of a printed dipole, both connected to an MRD amplifying UHF (20dB), while coupling together BIII and FM.

All in One Caravan Marine TV FM DAB VHF and UHF Antenna Aerial

  • FM-DAB-VHF-UHF Marine/Caravan
  • c/w MRD UHF 20dB requires 12V
  • (Retail Display Gift Box) 2 Year Warranty

A special antenna series to be installed in restrictive locations.

  • Known for their pleasing low-impact visual design and ideal for installations where good aesthetics are key.
  • Intelligent antennas include our BOSS system to provide the best output level for a exceptional reception quality.
  • LTE ready: they integrate an LTE electronic filter to remove cell phone interference
  • Built with materials that are highly resistant to salt air , humidity and other adverse climatic elements, with a protection index of 53.
  • Low power consumption and easy mounting. Furthermore, they can be purchased as full kits including all the accessories required for their installation.
  • Manufactured in Europe, our products undergo the most stringent quality controls, providing high reliability.


Enjoy the lifelike details of 1080p on your HDTV! The DigiNova antenna can pick up OTA HDTV signals of programs within a 50-60 mile radius. A built-in splitter allows you to split the signal between two television sets in the same home without the need for an additional splitter.


Gone are the days of manually adjusting gain settings and fumbling around with antenna wires. The UHF amplifier automatically adjusts output and amplification level for optimal gain. Simply plug it in, and the DigiNova does the rest. Passive mode allows you to keep using the antenna even without an external power source.


Both old and new antennas experience cellular signal interference. With more and more cellphone towers present today, more 4G and LTE signals are floating around, threatening to reduce HDTV signal quality. In some cases these cellphone signals can be harmful as they overload your antenna! The built-in filter automatically rejects 4G and LTE signals for the best home viewing experience possible.


Best used with the Solid Signal Heavy Duty Grade 1.25 Inch TV Antenna Mast (ASIN B00BXJG6YQ). You can mount the DigiNova antenna either in a horizontal (recommended) or vertical position. Comes with a U-bolt, clamp, and bolts for hassle-free installation.


Manufactured in Spain, the DigiNova is made from heavy duty plastic that is hard-wearing and weather proof. Its slim design makes it easy to handle and install, not to mention it has a great sleek look as well! This TV antenna has UV resistant properties to make it last longer when mounted outside your home. Ideal for balconies and roofs. With a footprint that is smaller than a majority of traditional outdoor TV antennas, the Televes DigiNova is unobtrusive and HOA friendly.


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