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DRAYTEK Outdoor LTE/4G/5G Antenna Omni Aerial


4G/LTE routers such as the DrayTek Vigor 2862Lac can provide highly resilient connectivity by utilising mobile broadband, either as the main Internet connection or as a backup connection for the building.

The Outdoor 4G Antennas for DrayTek LTE Routers can improve 4G, 3G & LTE signal reception for any DrayTek Vigor LTE router, expanding coverage and improving speeds, by allowing you to locate the antenna in a location which receives a strong signal.

Installation of outdoor antennas enables or improves 4G/LTE connectivity into locations where it’s typically inaccessible. For instance, in a comms cabinet, or in parts of a building that otherwise cannot receive mobile signal, due to building layout or location. Simply placing the antennas physically outdoors normally provides a significant signal boost over what can be achieved within a building, potentially improving speeds through better access to LTE bands and nearby mobile cell towers. The antennae can also be installed inside a building, perhaps just run outside the location/room which has poor coverage.

The ANT-4GE1 outdoor 4G antennas support all currently used 4G, 3G and 2G frequency bands from 700MHz to 2.7GHz. The antenna is supplied singly, though most routers require two antenna to provide signal diversity/coverage. A 5M coaxial cable is available separately, though you may use your own if you require a different length (keep it as short as possible to reduce unnecessary loss).

The antennas are Omni-Directional, designed for vertical orientation to receive signal from any nearby mobile cell tower, without requiring careful or sensitive aiming during installation.

Install a pair of Outdoor 4G Antennas around 0.5m to 1m apart to enable the MIMO (Multiple In, Multiple Out) capability of 4G & LTE wireless networks, further improving speeds and connection resilience. For best results, separate the antennas horizontally in built-up areas and vertically in open areas.

The Outdoor 4G Antennas for DrayTek LTE Routers are weatherproof and ideal for permanent outdoor installation either on a pole or wall. Fixings are provided suitable for either (poles not included).

The N-type connector on each antenna provides a secure and weather resistant antenna connection, which links to the router’s SMA antenna connectors with a suitable cable. Each Outdoor 4G Antenna requires an N-plug to SMA cable for installation, such as our own 5 metre cable (model: CAB-LTEA5, supplied separately). You can use your own shorter or longer cables instead, ensuring the right connectors and always keep cable lengths to a minimum to avoid unncessary signal loss.

The SMA antenna connector screws onto the Vigor router’s LTE antenna connector in place of the standard antenna.


  • Omnidirectional Outdoor Aerial
  • 4-6 dBi Signal Gain
  • Can also be used Indoors
  • Improves signal stability and reception
  • Suitable for all DrayTek LTE routers
  • Wall or Pole mountable (includes fittings)
  • Supplied singly (but most routers require two)
  • 4G, 3G, 2G & LTE Compatible (See band support)
  • N-Plug Connector
  • Requires N-to-SMA cable (sold separately)

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