GLOBAL Sky Q™ 2 Way Adaptor c/w PSU


Global Invacom D000363 4 In 2 Out dSCR Only (From a Multiswitch
or Quad/Quattro LNB or Fibre GTU)
2 Year Warranty *Sky Compatible

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Global Invacom Satellite TV Fibre

GLOBAL Sky Q™ 2 Way Adaptor c/w PSU

The GLOBAL SkyQ D000363 Adaptor converts four feeds from a multiswitch or Quad LNB to a dSCR 2 output switch to allow the use of Sky Q.

Global D000363 Invacom dCS adaptor converts 4 standard IRS or Quad LNB  feeds to 2 dCSS outputs.Terrestrial signals are overlaid onto both output ports. One LED indicator allows the user to monitor the status of the unit. Able to work in legacy, analogue SCR (aSCR) and digital SCR (dSCR) mode, suitable for SkyQ

Inputs from a quattro LNB are as follows:
1. V/L
2. H/L
3. V/H
4. H/H

Installer Note: Only 1 lead from the outlet plate is required. Sky Q also needs to be put into the SCR mode. Connecting both tuners from the outlet does not work!





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