PROception PROPSU11F Masthead Power Supply 12V, 100mA


PROception PROPSU11F Masthead Power Supply 12V, 100mA

12V 100mA PROPSU11F PSU Power supply unit for Masthead Amplifier.

Discontinued last few in Stock


  • High-quality 12V F-type in-line power unit for use with PROception masthead amplifiers and similar applications.
  • Fully-screened RF modules, compliant with EMC standards (BS EN 55013 and BS EN 50083-2).
  • Low RF insertion loss and excellent 75ohm impedance matching.
  • Passes return path signals, allowing use in IR eye systems (PROPSU11F MK2 only).
  • Electronic long-term short-circuit protection with two-colour LED indication.
  • Utilises an efficient cooling-running mains transformer, fitted with an approved thermal fuse for overheat protection.
  • The two-colour power indicator LED gives immediate warning of an output short-circuit condition.
  • Regulation is maintained over the full 207-253 V AC supply voltage range, for any output current up to the maximum of 100mA.
  • Designs independently certified to relevant safety standard BS EN 60065.
  • Supplied with an approved fitted 12A plug to BS 1363.


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