Shelley 2inch Mast Coupler


Shelley Aerial Pole Mast Coupler

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Shelley 2inch Mast Coupler

A device which enables two 2″ diameter masts poles to be coupled ‘joined’ to achieve a greater height

i.e. 2 x 12′ masts = 1 x 24’mast.

We use these couplers a lot with patio ground mounts and NPRM (Non penetrating Roof Mounts) when satellite dish and aerials require mounting and extra height on the pole is required.

  • 2” to 2” Mast/Pole Coupler Adapter
  • Manufactured from High Grade Steel with Hot Dipped Galvanised Finish
  • Connection A – 2″ Mast Socket – Connection B – 2″ Mast Socket
  • Mast Depth – Each mast can be inserted 7.5” (185mm) into each end of the mast coupler
  • Length – The total length of the Mast Coupler is 15” (380mm) – Metal Thickness – 2.5m



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