Technisat DIGIDISH 33cm Aluminium Satellite Dish Beige


Technisat DIGIDISH 33cm Aluminium Satellite Dish Beige

Excellent Quality TechniSat DIGIDISH 33cm Aluminium Satellite Antenna Kit with compact wall mount ideal for Sky or Freesat.

This 100% aluminium digital satellite antenna designed for single-satellite reception measures just 33cm in height and width and is extremely powerful, performing better than many 45cm dishes.

The excellent reception properties are due to Technisat’s superb engineering and the precise shape of the antenna. The DigiDish 33 consists of high-quality aluminium and is powder coated on both sides guaranteeing exceptional weather resistance. The DigiDish 33 is also a masterpiece visually.

With DIGIDISH 33, all digital television and radio programs from ASTRA 19.2° East, ASTRA 28.2° East or HOTBIRD 13.0° East can be received in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Discreet installation

The DIGIDISH 33 takes up very little space and can be installed where larger circular antennas would interfere due to the impairment of the facade. It is also the ideal satellite antenna for discreet placement on a balcony.

A stylish and super-compact wall mount is included as standard (see gallery picture above). For attachment to an aerial mast or pole mount you need the TechniSat on-pipe fitting (available separately), which can be attached to pole diameters of 30 – 63mm.


General characteristics
Material Aluminium
Coating Powder-coated on both sides
Top features Only 33cm small
Top features 1 orbital position (e.g. Astra 2 Sky, Freesat)
Top features Ideal for discreet installation
Top features Compact wall bracket included
Weight 1.9kg inc bracketry and wall mount
Colour Beige (off-white)
LNB Not Included
Technical data
Rated measurement 0.33m
F/D 0.6
Gain 30 dBi @ 11.3 GHz
Offset angle 30 degrees
Feed reception 40mm


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