Technomate Single Bullet LNB TM-1B


Technomate Single Bullet LNB TM-1B

The TM-1B is ideal for a multi-feed set up for satellites that are 2 degrees apart. 
The new generation of HD Ready 0.2dB series of LNBs provide excellent Noise Figure performance, designed to meet strict high-quality specifications to give you optimum signal. 
Tele Satellite Magazine Test Report – ‘very high performance LNBs…perfect results’ 
The range has been highly recommended by Tele Satellite Magazine saying that the 0.2dB range is ‘surprisingly good’ and that it ‘defeated our reference device in almost every point of the Ku-Band!’. 
‘The higher the gain of the LNB the higher its output power should be for the given signal…and again the blue model was the leader. Our reference LNB was no match for it…it is really a top performer…having so perfect results with 0.2 dB’. 
‘They provide very good C/N ratio what enables the user to receive weak transponders with high bad weather margin’. 


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