WISI DRS0508 Eight way Multiswitch 5×8

Wisi DRS0508 is a stand alone multiswitch with five inputs for the distribution of one satellite and terrestrial signals. The stand alone device is equipped with an integrated power supply which ensures the LNB powering.

Additionally integrated is a 22 KHz generator which allows the usage of Quad-LNBs. Commercially available DVB-S/S2 set-top-boxes or TVs with an integrated receiver can be used at the eight subscriber outputs.

Inserted terrestrial signals like DVB-T/T2, DAB or FM are available at each subscriber output as well. The very low insertion loss of the DRS 0508 is realised through an active terrestrial and satellite path.


  • Stand alone multiswitch for the distribution of 4 satellite polarisations and terrestrial signals
  • Quad-LNB support
  • Active terrestrial path to distribute DVB-T/T2, DAB and FM without an additional amplifier
  • Integrated SAT amplifier for low insertion loss
  • Pre-emphasis to compensate the cable loss at high frequencies
  • High screening efficiency according to Class A
  • Compact dimensions paired with installation friendly distance between the F-connectors
  • Colour-coded inputs
  • Made in Germany
Technical Specifications
Inputs SAT 4 pcs.
Frequency range SAT 950… 2400 MHz
Decoupling SAT -SAT 30 dB typ.
Return loss SAT >10 dB

Terrestrial trunk

Inputs TERR 1 pcs.
Frequency range TERR 40… 862 MHz
Isolation TERR – SAT 30 dB typ.
Return loss TERR >10 dB

Subscriber outputs

Outputs 8 pcs.
Frequency range 40…2400 MHz
TERR type active
Insertion loss SAT 0…+5 dB
Insertion TERR -2 dB (±2 dB)
Max. output level subscriber SAT 101 dBµV
Max. output level subscriber TERR 90 dBµV
Return loss subscriber SAT >10 dB
Return loss subscriber TERR >10 dB
Control signal 14/18 V, 0/22 kHz
Current consumption from receiver 30 mA


F-socket 13 pcs.
Colour-coding VL = black; HL = green; VH = red; HH = yellow

General data

Power indicator LED
Quad LNB support Yes
LNB supply voltage 18 V (22 kHz)
Current consumption LNB max. 500 mA
Operating voltage 90…264 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption max. 3 W
Screening factor Class A, according to EN 50083-2
Impedance 75 ©
Operating temperature range 0…+55 °C


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