Triax TMS/CKR 16 Way Multiswitch 5×16


Triax TMS/CKR 5 x 16 S BS Model 318623 ,  Standalone 5in x 16 out  Multiswitch  works with both  Quad / Quattro Lnb

SKU: TR-318623

Triax TMS/CKR 16 Way Multiswitch 5×16

Triax TMS/CKR 5×16 S BS Standalone multiswitch for 1 Satellite position with 5 inputs and 16 outputs, suitable for distributing satellite and terrestrial signals in small and medium sized systems.

Dependability guaranteed: a 6-year warranty is our guarantee that TRIAX’s core values of reliability and innovation are the foundation of our new multiswitches.

The TMS/CKR 5×16 S offers excellent performance ,flexibility, and a compact design.

Excellent performance parameters offering:

  • Low insertion loss
  • High isolation
  • Low power consumption
  • RED compliant
  • ESD Protection
  • TR-318623
  • New Multiswitch range

Designed with installer convenience in mind:

  • Equidistant F-connectors on all Triax multiswitches
  • Colour-coded input labels
  • LED power indicator

TRIAX Universal Quattro 40mm LNB


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