36″ x 2″ Blake Heavy Duty Tripod



36″ x 2″ Blake Heavy Duty Tripod

Heavy duty tripod base for mounting satellite dishes and various TV aerials and Antennas.. Excellent quality and built to last. Often used for larger professional satellite dishes and internet via satellite dishes where a more stable mounting base is required.

  • Tripod satellite mount
  • Strong and rigid construction
  • 2″ diameter tube has 4mm heavy duty mast section
  • Adjustable legs for fixing on un-even surfaces
  • Base includes slots for bolting in position
  • All bolt fixings should be secured with washers and nylock nuts (Not supplied)
  • Simple assembly and easy storage and movement with 9 parts in total
  • 3 x 18″ legs
  • 36″ high mast mount
  • Galvanised finish conforms to ISO 1461 19999
  • Suitable for use with 2″ diameter dish mounts

2” x 3′ Non Penetrating Roof Mount Heavy Duty




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