BLAKE 2.3″ x 10″ Standoff x 12″ Wall Mount


(60mm x 250mm Out x 300mm Up)
Heavy Duty Welded Mitre 90° Galvanised
*On Order – Check Lead Time*

BLAKE 2.3″ x 10″ Standoff x 12″ Satellite Wall Mount Bracket

Heavy Duty wall mount bracket suitable for larger satellite dishes. Ideal for locations when extra strength is required in locations that are exposed to strong winds.

SAT/8F Mitre Welded 90° Mount

10″ (250mm) standoff, 10″ (250mm) Slotted Base, 12″ (300mm) High

Mount is constructed to BS EN ISO 15614 for strong & secure joints. Product is galvanized finished to BS EN ISO 1461


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