FRACARRO P80APN 80cm Steel Satellite Dish


FRACARRO P80APN 80cm Steel Satellite Dish

Fracarro P80APN 80cm Steel Satellite Dish with pole mounting kit.

Excellent quality 80cm Satellite Dish Ideal for Hotbird and other Satellite in the UK. Comes with a 4 year Warranty.

Main Features:

  • Disc holder made of composite material.
  • Mounting kit ZO80SC included in the package.
  • Dual focus mount available as an accessory.
  • Maximum reception quality for all high-definition programmes.
  • Single package.
Frequency range MHz 10700-12750
Dimensions cm 81 x 75
Offset angle ° 22.75
Efficiency % ≥ 75
Fornt back ratio dB 0.66
Elevation angle ° 0/50
Mast clamp mm 30-60
Wind load 120Km/h 729N/m² Kg (N) 55.2 (541.3)
Bracket material Composite
Diameter cm 80
Material Steel
Colour Light grey
Dual feed DF80SC code 287422
Mounting kit ZO80SC code 287404 included
Gain 10.7 GHz dB 37.6
Gain 11.7GHz dB 38.2
Gain 12.7GHz dB 38.6
Dimensions and packaging
Pieces 1
EAN code 8016978069842
Packaging dimensions mm 1020 x 800 x 130
Packaging weight Kg 7.4



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