Wisi 85cm light weight Aluminium Dish


Wisi 85cm light weight Aluminium Satellite Dish

WISI TOPLINE antennas are rust-proof and completely weather-resistant. High Gain 85cm Aluminium Satellite Dish

Due to the excellent material and precise manufacturing the antennas do not warp even under extreme temperature fluctuations.

This guarantees top viewing quality under nearly all weather conditions. WISI TOP LINE antennas are extremely easy to install, high gain, durable, recyclable and designed for modern technologies.

Simply the best antenna technology WISI has to offer.

  • Reflector: aluminium powder-coated
  • AZ/EL mount and feed arm: galvanized steel
  • Torsion-free aluminium feed arm in trapezoidal shape
  • Feed bracket: aluminium die cast with 40 mm diameter
  • Low roof load in strong winds
  • Low weight
  • WISI OA85G
  • SKU: WI-OA85G


  • 85cm Aluminium reflector
  • Easy installation
  • Solid construction


WISI ORBIT 60cm Aluminium Satellite Dish


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