GLOBAL Fibre IRS 8 Switchblade BASE UNIT


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Global Invacom Satellite TV Fibre

GLOBAL Fibre IRS 8 Switchblade BASE UNIT



A unique design that allows satellites to be added as and when required up to a maximum of four satellites. SwitchBlade can be used in conjunction with both the ODU32 or Optical LNB & incorporates Frequency Morphing Technology (FMT) that allows the SwitchBlade system to be programmed for use anywhere in the world.
Two versions available 8 output and 16 output. Compact design which maximises available space.

FibreIRS Multiswitch System

FibreIRS optical input
Upgradeable to 2, 3 or 4 satellites + TV/radio
8 and 16 output versions
Space saving design all connections on one side
32,768 potential user points within a 10km radius
Frequency Morphing Technology (FMT) for Worldwide use
All units powered by a single PSU
Small form facto


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