INVERTO ‘Essential’ Black SINGLE LNB


INVERTO ‘Essential’ Black SINGLE LNB

Excellent Value High Gain Budget LNB for a Satellite Dish with 40mm LNB mounting Collar. Designed for DTH operators utilizing set top boxes with a 10.75GHz LO setting, this LNB provides optimized reception performance for high band frequencies in both horizontal or vertical polarizations.

This LNB fully supports DVB-S2 and UD/UHD broadcasts and provides excellent cross polarization isolation and Noise Figure performances.

It enables the reception of satellite signals from one satellite and their distribution to a single tuner Set-top box.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards and delivering high performance at low power, compact and a super cost efficient design make this LNB an ideal solution for DTH operators worldwide having their service over the high band frequency range.

Specifications :-

  • Low Phase Noise, DVB-S2 (HDTV) compliant
  • Low Noise Figure
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Cross Polarization Isolation
  • High Frequency Stability
  • Greater immunity against 4G interferences
  • Ultra HD compatible
  • High band input frequency range – 11.7 GHz ~ 12.75 GHz
  • High band output frequency range – 950 MHz ~ 2000 MHz
  • High band LO frequency – 10.75 GHz
  • Noise figure – 0.6 dB typ. (0.9 dB max


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