SF-95DR Digital Satellite Finder


SF-95DR Digital Satellite Finder

The SF-95DR Digital Satellite Signal Finder has excellent signal detection capabilities and can identify weak satellite signals. It can also attenuate overly strong signals through rotation to ensure stable signal quality. Our digital satellite finders feature high-quality components and professional design.

The digital satellite sat finder has an electronic buzzer for easy operation, audio prompts and a backlit LCD display to display satellite signal strength. Inline IF signal strength meter, integrated buzzer and indicator light, compass and 75Ω port provide intuitive feedback and multiple tools.

With excellence performance the satellite finder signal meter has high-quality components and professional design; the signal receiver itself has a compass, allowing you to adjust easier and faster. The built-in signal amplifier can compensate for signal access loss and provide you with reliable signal strength. Save time and energy.

This High Quality signal meter is microprocessor powered and specially designed for testing and installing satellite antennas, ensuring you get the best satellite signal reception experience, no matter what the environment.

The light weight and compact size of the signal finder digital satellite meter make the digital satellite finder easy to carry and suitable for various installation sites, without having to worry about bulky equipment. At the same time, the satellite signal finder has an electronic buzzer and is easy to operate.


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