1.4m x 1.4m EPDM Rubber Square for NPRMs


1.4m x 1.4m EPDM Rubber Matting Square for NPRMs

When your application requires the rubber to withstand atmospheric conditions; ozone, sunlight, etc. this general purpose EPDM rubber square is a good option due to its chemical properties.

Is suitable for general use and moderate exposure.
We supply it specifically for our Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts (NPRM) range.

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: EPDM
  • Size: 1.4m x 1.4m
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Hardness (Shore A): 65
  • Maximum Temperature (°C): 90
  • Minimum Temperature (°C): -20
  • Density (g/cm³): 1.5
  • Tensile Strength (MPa): 4
  • Elongation at break (%): 275
  • Abrasion Resistance (mm³) (DIN53516): 250.0000


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